Waypoint Requirements: Updated 5/1/19

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Waypoint Requirements: Updated 5/1/19

by Icefang113 » Sat May 04, 2019 1:24 am

Over the years since the previous post was made, there has been continued confusion on waypoint rules and requirements. Due to this, we are overhauling the waypoint system for the sake of clarity. This post will define standardized waypoint requirements and rules.

Rules and Requirements

1) The structure, town, or collection of buildings which is requesting a waypoint must be aesthetically pleasing.

2) There is no solid number of residents required to receive a waypoint. Waypoint worthiness is scaled off the grandiose of your town. Extremely impressive towns and structures may require no residents at all where as average utilitarian oriented towns will require residents to be living there. In such a case, the number of residents required will be a fair amount which is flexible with present server activity. This isn't to say there is no in between, a middle ground exists. Put simply the better and prettier your town is, the fewer residents you'll need, if your town is basic and simplistic more residents will be required. (An example of a pretty town which did not require any residents would be Wolvenshire or Almaha) 'Residents required' refers to active residents actually using and living in the town.

3) The waypoint statue must be built as shown below:


You may change the 12 blocks surrounding the base, the glass color above, and the light source in the corners so long as it is a full block. (in the example above, they are wool blocks, glass, and glowstone) The
tower MUST look like this exactly. It also MUST have a beacon and you CANNOT remove it. If you remove your beacon after the waypoint is created the waypoint sign will be removed. Rarely an exception will be made to allow alternative blocks instead of stone slabs however your town must have a VERY strong theme in order for this to be allowed. Even so, despite using an alternative block type you MUST KEEP THE SAME SHAPE OF STATUE. An example is shown below of a town which has an alternate waypoint:


If your town does not have a waypoint statue which meets the requirements above, that alone is grounds for someone to simply deny the town a waypoint until the statue is corrected.

4) Distance yourself from spawn. No waypoint within 500 blocks of spawn will be accepted. At this distance, a waypoint is not needed.

5) Waypoints must be 500 blocks from each other measured statue to statue. They can be closer if both parties consent but cannot be closer than 150 blocks from each other measured statue to statue. (Yes, this means that one person could have built both of the waypoints) It is preferred that they have some form of defining difference between the two of them however.

6) Be respectful when asking for a waypoint. The following individuals can assign waypoints:

If your town is denied it doesn't mean that the person who denied it hates you. Feel free to ask a moderator for their opinion on your town, they can assess it and give you a second opinion. They also may be able to influence
the people who can give waypoints. Regardless, you should take the advice a moderator gives you seriously to a reasonable degree as taking their advice will likely help you get a waypoint.

Ideally, one should strive to create a town which successfully blends form and function. Despite having a waypoint, a building or town which has no residents but is extremely pretty still fails from a community perspective. Likewise, an average town that is functional and has players actively living in it may fail from an aesthetic perspective. Long story short: the best type of town is one that is pretty and has a community.

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