New Sunside Presidential Inauguration

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New Sunside Presidential Inauguration

by AceofHeartsXY » Tue May 29, 2018 5:25 pm

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, at 9 PM CST, the reins of Sunside leadership will officially pass from Justron on to a new future. jCasanova (aka Kayla) will be inaugurated as President of the Sunside Empire, and there will be festivities to celebrate the occasion. I will also be inaugurated as the third Chairman of KoTOT.

There will be an event hosted in Downtown New Sunside, as well as festivities around the new Presidential Mansion. Free food, fireworks, and there will also be a drop party!

Full list of leadership changes:

- jCasanova takes the Presidency of the Sunside Empire over from Justron123, who is retiring after being President since December 16, 2011.
- I will be inaugurated as Chairman of KoTOT, becoming the third leader of KoTOT, succeeding Justron123 and supermariobubba.
- I will be assembling the KoTOT Executive Committee, and inviting other members into the organization. I will need to fill 7 roles for this, and I have made choices on 2 already. Anyone with interest, let me know.
- I will remain on as Vice President of the Sunside Empire.

See you there.
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