Regen Ocean Monument Locations

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Regen Ocean Monument Locations

by Dallas211 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:39 pm

Hello, I had the idea of starting a thread for people who are looking for monuments for the blocks that are contained. Now please let it be known that I or someone else has already taken the lanterns/sponges/etc. BUT maybe you are interested in the Pris? and who knows, maybe someone left behind a sponge room or even lanterns. Anyway, please let it also be known, the monuments I raid, I leave "outposts" on top of them. here are some locations and their wp I started form and also a few pictures.

255, 10335
-195, 11350
-810, 11460
-960, 12360
-1885, 12520
900, 15655

I will update the list as I go, please feel free to add your own coordinates to help out others who are in need of these types of blocks provided by these monuments, thanks!
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