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Spawn Tournaments

by emeraldcreeper10 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:06 pm

Spawn Tournaments

I forgot how fun spleef and PvP could be with a lot of players, so that's why I'm proposing this. Every Friday or Saturday night (not sure which one) I'll host an event at either of the two. I'm not exactly sure how the format of these will work, but most likely brackets of 1v1s and the winner will receive a prize. On that note, prizes will vary from a handful of diamonds to possibly a beacon. I'm still experimenting with the Tower Defense (the big, useless arena that no one uses), and if I could figure out the rules and such I'd gladly do several of those. I'd like to know other's thoughts on this idea, and any feedback you have, please do share. Any prize donations would be greatly appreciated as well. If you do not posses the gear for these, basic stone shovels and swords will be provided.

EDIT: I've figured out how to play Tower Defense, I'll put a link to Sethbling's original design below. He states the rules and instructions in the video, but I'll give a brief description.


1. In order to win the game, all Control Towers must be under your team's control. At match start, Towers will remain neutral until stepping on the pressure plate. This will signify that you have control of the tower. Capture all towers in the arena in order to win.
2. On Kreatious, there will be individual "prep" rooms in which players will gear up, put on armor, eat food, exc. Players should set their job in their room for the remainder of the match.
3. There is no exiting the arena at all times, nor is anyone allowed to have an unfair advantage over the other.
4. No griefing, obviously.
5. Be a good sport, don't swear, be mean, or insult the other team.
6. Wear your team's designated armor, thus being blue leather armor and red leather armor. Do not deceive the opposing team by wearing their armor.
7. Lastly, PvP should be on at all times, and anyone spectating should not aid any teams by enabling PvP.

Ultimately I hope we can have Clans go against each other or just randomized teams. I look forward to seeing this happen in the coming weeks as the progress on Spawn progresses. Contact me in game for more details if you need to.

Sethbling's video:
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Re: Spawn Tournaments

by deathkoala72 » Mon May 09, 2016 3:24 am

Is it something like Clan tournaments?
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